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Advertising and Interactive Services

PCCW’s Advertising & Interactive Services (A&IS) offers a wide range of multimedia advertising solutions, including print, TV, Internet, mobile and eye Multimedia Service, for both corporate and SME clients. Its business activities include:

  • Broadcast and sponsorship advertising;
  • Sponsored segment programming;
  • Interactive advertising and sales transaction facilities, e.g. securities trading;
  • Various directory platforms, such as print yellow pages (yp), Internet yellow pages (, Mobile app (yp1083), White Pages, etc.;
  • TV purchasing facility for product ordering and delivery, e.g. gourmet delivery;
  • Resale of keywords and banners on major websites.

A&IS leverages PCCW's quadruple-play platforms to provide corporate clients with a wide range of multimedia advertising solutions. It comprises three areas:

  • Corporate Advertising Solutions, which deals with now TV's self-developed channels such as now NEWS, now Today and now SPORTS channels, as well as partner channels such as STAR, Mei Ah, AXN, Animax, ESPN STAR Sports, Discovery and others;
  • SME Advertising Solutions, which mainly deals with the yellow pages brand, and serves as a major reseller for Internet partners such as Yahoo and Google;
  • Overseas Business Development, which pursues business opportunities outside the domestic market.

Multi-Channel Solutions

1. now TV

  • Broadcast advertising solutions, such as 30-second TV commercials and sponsorships;
  • Sponsored segments for now TV programs;
  • Interactive ads to facilitate lead generation, such as information- and game-based ads;
  • Transaction-based services from content partners, such as food delivery, holiday tours and stock trading - all under the aegis of the now shop brand;

2. Mobile phones

  • Search and banner advertising on Mobile app (yp1083), a powerful search utility downloadable via iPhone App Store and Google Play;
  • Multi-channel advertising, whereby now TV ads can also be delivered to PCCW mobile subscribers.

3. Internet and eye Multimedia Service

  • Banner advertising, directory listing and search marketing solutions on and other partner sites
  • Design and hosting of websites for advertisers;
  • General advice to SMEs on Internet advertising;
  • Advertising campaigns across a broad range of channels, such as print, Internet, eye Multimedia Service, mobile, and TV.

4. Print

  • Sale, production and distribution of a wide range of directories, mostly available in both Chinese and English versions.
  yellow pages

yellow pages Hong Kong is one of Asia's key directory market players and is a leading multimedia advertising solution company aimed to help our advertisers to reach their customers in a cost-effective way.

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Find out about interactive TV advertising through our now shop channel.

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