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Local Data

PCCW local data services offer a complete portfolio of data connectivity addressing stringent requirements of enterprises business applications.

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  Backbone Services

Being the ideal carrier of mission-critical business applications, our award-winning FiberNET flagship service sets the market benchmark for next-generation enterprise data network, offering unprecedented reliability, flexibility and throughput.

Host & Branches

Our next-generation Metro IP Network supports bandwidth-hungry business applications and ensures end-to-end service quality for enterprise customers.

Leased Lines

Dedicated high-speed connectivity through business-class leased lines for organizations requiring reliable data transmission and high-speed data traffic.

  Video Transmission

Offering unrivaled quality and speed of 10GE connectivity, storage networks and HDTV video transmission respectively.

Integrated Retail Solutions

Our integrated IP network supports a wide range of innovative services and many other IP-based applications that gear up your retail operations.

Alarm & Security

We provide customers with dedicated links to ensure stable operation of alarm and security systems.

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