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Broadband Services

Stable access to PCCW's broadband network, including its state-of-the-art NextGen Network, is available across Hong Kong at a wide range of speeds designed to suit all needs. Please click here to check our broadband network coverage.


NETVIGATOR is Hong Kong's premier broadband provider, reaching 97% of all households and serving broadband users with a choice of Internet access speeds, plus practical value-added services.

As Hong Kong's leading infotainment web portal, provides full-screen, high-quality streaming media content that includes news, movies, music, online games and more – all exclusive only to NETVIGATOR subscribers.


Whether indoors or out and about, you can stay connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere via NETVIGATOR Home Wireless service and PCCW-HKT Wi-Fi service with over 12,000 PCCW-HKT Wi-Fi Hotspots throughout Hong Kong

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