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Mobile Services

HKT offers comprehensive mobile services to the Hong Kong public. As well as providing high-quality voice and data communications, PCCW-HKT mobile service serves a broad spectrum of customers by offering media content and interactive services as one of the PCCW Group's unique quadruple-play platforms. This enables customers to tailor their own lifestyles with a rich mix of innovative mobile services, such as real-time TV, streamed digital music, shared viewing of photos and video clips, remote monitoring, ticketing, instant messaging, email solutions and integrated fixed/mobile office communications solutions .

PCCW-HKT mobile service has enhanced its 4G LTE network to 150Mbps1 and has launched Hong Kong's first LTE CAT 4 smartphone! 
Supported by its own 1,000Mbps2 optical fiber terrestrial transmission network and complemented by its unlimited Wi-Fi service at over 13,000 hotspots throughout Hong Kong, PCCW-HKT’s 4G LTE network offers customers a true end-to-end high-speed mobile data experience.

To meet everybody's needs, PCCW-HKT mobile service also offers prepaid SIM card services.

PCCW-HKT mobile service also provides CDMA mobile service. Please click here to learn more or contact our sales representatives by calling 2888 0008.

1. 150Mbps is network specification for downlink of 4G LTE network (2600MHz – CAT 4), with 50Mbps for uplink. However, the actual speed that customer experience will be considerably less than the network specifications and will be affected by customer’s device, transmission technology, individual network and software used, network configuration, coverage, usage level, International bandwidth and other extraneous factors. 
2. 1,000Mbps is the network specification for internal optical fiber network and is different from actual speeds experienced by customers.

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