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Though callers can choose not to transmit their names and phone numbers on purpose, Block-the-Blocker enables you to reject these blocked calls*. So when a blocked number calls, your telephone will not ring. The rejected call will be routed to an announcement advising the caller that you do not wish to receive anonymous calls. This service is the perfect complement to Caller Display, and gives you total control over your incoming calls.

Residential network services are provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited and are subject to special conditions and general conditions of service of the company.

* "Out of area / Unavailable" and "Long Distance" calls cannot be blocked by Block-the-Blocker.

Monthly service charge: $8*

* Charged in addition to your standard monthly phone line rental fee.

Ordering and purchasing is simple and straightforward. You can place orders through various channels. Please select the one that is most convenient for you.

"Block-the-Blocker" enables you to reject anonymous callers who choose not to transmit their phone numbers. Instead, they are diverted to a recorded message, telling the callers that their calls will not get through until they show their numbers.

To activate: Press [*][7][6]
To cancel: Press [#][7][6]

For customers using a single line with two telephone numbers, activate "Block-the-Blocker" for the second number by the following steps:

To activate: Press [*][#][*][7][6]
To cancel: Press [*][#][#][7][6]

Note: Long distance calls and calls originating from Payphone, certain types of Keyline System or Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) can be connected.

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