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Call Waiting I
Call Waiting I

Call Waiting I helps you to manage multiple calls at the same time. A distinctive beep tone will alert you when someone else is calling you while you are on the phone. You will not miss an important call again.

Residential network services are provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited subject to special conditions and general conditions of service of the company.

Monthly service charge: $16*

* Charged in addition to your standard monthly phone line rental fee.

Ordering and purchasing is simple and straightforward. You can place orders through various channels. Please select the one that is most convenient for you.

To answer the waiting call:

The "Call Waiting" alert indicates that there is another call waiting to be answered. You may choose whether to answer it or not.

If you choose to answer it:
Press [Conf] or [CW/Conf] or [Flash]

To cancel Call Waiting before sending a fax or making a call:

Press [#][0][7], then dial the phone number.

To cancel the Call Waiting during a call:

  • Press [Conf] or [CW/Conf] or [Flash]
  • Press [#][0][7]
  • Listen for the confirmation tone
  • Resume conversation

To cancel Call Waiting for all calls:

Press [#][1][7]

To resume Call Waiting for all calls:

Press [*][1][7]

Notes: If your telephone has no [Conf] or [CW/Conf] or [Flash] button, just press and release the hook switch.

To receive an incoming fax during a conversation:

  • Press [Conf] or [CW/Conf] or [Flash] or hook switch and listen for the high-pitched fax signal
  • (a) If your fax machine is connected to an extension, lift handset on fax machine, press [Handsfree] or press [Dial] and listen for another high-pitched fax signal.
    (b) If you are talking with the handset of the fax machine, please follow next step
  • Press [Start] or [Receive] to receive fax
  • Hang up telephone/fax handset
  • Listen for the reminder ring-back signal upon completion of fax reception
  • Lift handset and resume conversation
  • Alternatively: Terminate the call and hang up to receive fax automatically.

Auto Disable Call Waiting:

All incoming faxes will automatically suspend "Call Waiting" function, thereby avoiding interruption.

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