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Customer Service
Subscribe to services, buy products, make billing inquiries and seek general or technical assistance via the Internet, telephone or by visiting any of the more than 60 PCCW shops located conveniently around Hong Kong.

A variety of customer services tailored to your specific needs.

Directory Inquiries

Look up both local and overseas landline phone numbers here. Here you can also look up IDD codes and world times, and find the correct access number for your Global Calling Card.

Customer Resources

Click on the links below to subscribe to or find out more about our services, or to access our published tariffs.

PCCW/HKT Network Coverage Search
Click on the links below for PCCW/HKT Network Coverage Search

A variety of customer services tailored to corporate needs.

Integrated Customer Service Hotline
PCCW's integrated customer hotlines provide a convenient all-in-one customer service for general consumers and business customers.
Customer Service Center
We are opening brand new customer service centers offering convenient and comprehensive one-stop service to customers who would like to receive face-to-face customer service.
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