PCCW Solutions launches full spectrum of cloud computing services

HONG KONG, May 4, 2010 - PCCW Solutions, a subsidiary of Hong Kong's premier telecommunications provider, PCCW Limited, today announced the launch of cloud computing services to enterprises in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Leveraging extensive data center networks in Hong Kong and mainland China, PCCW Solutions provides a full spectrum of cloud computing services spanning across all five layers of the cloud stack - infrastructure, platform, application, content, and process, with the following key services:

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: The Cloud End-point Integrated Service enables users to access their personal desktops via the Internet for daily work, email communication and data storage. With the operating system, applications and data backup managed centrally at the server side, this service helps organizations lower the total cost of ownership of desktop management and enhance security and backup of important data. The Enterprise Cloud Service helps enterprises virtualize their machines and optimize their processing and storage powers for IT projects development.

Platform-as-a-Service: The Track-and-trace Platform provides a global track-and-trace capability to cover items, objects or even living organisms tagged with RFID or carrying barcodes. The platform supports a wide range of applications such as asset management, product authentication, and real-time location tracking. The Integrated Information Display System (IIDS), designed by PCCW Solutions, is one of the first systems in the world able to capture and display integrated digital signals such as radar data, user data, CCTV video and audio voice. IIDS enables organizations to boost their decision-making power by integrating related real-time information.

Software-as-a-Service: Leveraging the scalable Point-of-Sale/CRM service provided by PCCW Solutions, retailers are able to expand their retail chains swiftly without worrying about IT hardware and software purchase and installation. The Clinic Management System helps private clinics manage their clinic operations and patient care services with greater efficiency, and provides healthcare practitioners with instant access to real-time electronic patient records. Our Software-as-a-Service platform will also be extended to cover human resources, payroll, accounting and procurement services.

Content-as-a-Service: Drawing on our expertise in identity management and experience of building a validation platform for the healthcare community, PCCW Solutions can provide a secure eHealth record repository guarded by stringent security access control and identity management to facilitate real-time medical information exchange for public and private healthcare practitioners.

Process-as-a-Service: The Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) provides users with a comprehensive range of document management functions via a web browser, which include secure storage and access, a sophisticated search engine, customized workflow and traceable version control. Our one-stop shop approach covers document scanning and data entry processes, and is able to serve a wide range of industries such as legal, healthcare, financial services, insurance and education.

Mr. George Fok, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions, said: "Drawing on the power of our world-class data center infrastructure in Hong Kong and mainland, best-in-class technologies and applications, international best practices and comprehensive IT and business process skills and competency, PCCW Solutions is one of few service providers able to deliver a full spectrum of cloud computing services covering all five layers of the cloud computing stack. Our cloud computing services will help organizations reduce their IT capital expenditure, lower total cost of ownership and increase agility to meet with ever-changing customer needs and market dynamics."

About PCCW Limited

PCCW Limited (SEHK:0008) is the holding company of HKT Group Holdings Limited (HKT), Hong Kong's premier telecommunications provider and a world-class player in Information and Communications Technologies. PCCW also holds a majority interest in Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited, and overseas investments including the wholly-owned UK Broadband Limited.

As the provider of Hong Kong's first quadruple-play experience, PCCW/HKT offers a range of innovative media content and services across four platforms - fixed-line, broadband Internet access, TV and mobile. In addition, the Group meets the sophisticated needs of the local and international business community, while supporting network operators with cutting-edge technical services and handling large-scale IT outsourcing projects for public and private sector organizations. To learn more about PCCW and HKT, please visit

About PCCW Solutions

PCCW Solutions is an operating division of HKT Group Holdings Limited (HKT), which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PCCW Limited and holds the PCCW Group's telecoms services, media and IT solutions businesses. PCCW/HKT is Hong Kong's premier telecommunications provider and a world-class player in Information and Communications Technologies.

PCCW Solutions is the IT and business process outsourcing flagship of the Group. Responsible for a growing number of large-scale IT projects in the public and private sectors, PCCW Solutions holds a wealth of experience and expertise and is viewed as a major industry player in Greater China. To learn more about PCCW Solutions, please visit

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