Beijing Centergate Data Center Opens

PCCW's Powerb@se Transports Its Expertise to China

Beijing, November 28, 2000 -- Pacific Century CyberWorks ("PCCW" SEHK: 0008) and Beijing Centergate Communications Network Development Co., Ltd., today launched the jointly operated Beijing Centergate Data Center, (Cendata), responding to the nation's rapid growth of Internet use.

Equipped with carrier-class facilities, the center will offer site-management services to enterprises engaging in e-business. The center will also provide international and local companies with reliable and fast Internet access.

Beijing Centergate Data Center will draw upon the expertise of Powerb@se to develop its world-class facilities in three phases.

The first phase includes a 2,000-square-meter operations center with 400 standard racks on the third floor of Beijing's Centergate Technology Development Mansion. Upon completion of its third phase, the Beijing data center will utilize 6,000 square meters.

The Beijing data center already offers such services as co-location and leasing of equipment, while developing new value-added propositions to maximize the efficiency and profitability of clients.

It will also offer web-hosting, data management, e-business solutions and other client-customized value-added services with such basic infrastructure as electricity, air-conditioning and centralized monitoring systems.

PCCW's joint effort with Beijing Centergate Communications Network Development is a significant step in Powerb@se's plans to extend services across mainland China.

China is among the most rapidly developing Internet markets in the world. At the end of 1999, the number of users was 8.9 million, according to national government-approved statistics. Internet traffic in China doubles every seven months, and based on this growth rate, Internet users are expected to top 15 million by the end of this year, hitting 40 million by late 2002.


About Beijing Centergate Communications Network Development

The company was established in May 2000, initiated by five companies, including Beijing Center Technologies (Holdings) Co., Ltd. It chiefly engages in developing areas of communications systems and network technologies, wireless communications and satellite communications technology, data transmission equipment, and multimedia technology.

About Powerb@se

Powerb@se is the trademark under which the PCCW Group provides data-center services. It is among the leading e-business infrastructure-services providers on an Internet-hosting platform designed for enterprises with mission-critical Internet-operations requirements. Its carrier-class data centers provide exceptional security, connectivity, reliability and immediate round-the-clock support to ensure the best quality of service delivered. Furthermore, Powerb@se offers comprehensive value-added network-management solutions and professional services to meet -- and exceed -- corporations' expansion needs. The infrastructure is managed through Internet data centers in Hong Kong, the PRC, Singapore and Taiwan, housing mission-critical communications equipment and customized solutions for customers. Bringing together its local capabilities and extensive regional coverage with existing data centers, Powerb@se plans to extend its services to a wide variety of Asian cities.

About PCCW

Pacific Century CyberWorks is the Hong Kong-listed technology flagship of the Pacific Century Group. PCCW is one of the world's largest Internet companies by market capitalization. PCCW aims to capture growth opportunities in providing connectivity, applications and content services to businesses and consumers. With the August 2000 PCCW-Cable & Wireless HKT merger, PCCW has developed an innovative business model designed to maximize synergies and growth opportunities across four operating sectors:
  1. Telecommunications Services - Principally comprising telecommunications and other value-added services based on the Company's fiber-optic network in Hong Kong.
  2. Global Communications Services - Mobility and global connectivity services.
  3. Net Enterprises - B2C, B2B business services, Data Center services and CyberWorks Ventures, which takes strategic positions in synergistic core businesses.
  4. Cyberport and Infrastructure - Infrastructure Services, including cashflow-producing investment projects in Beijing and Hong Kong.

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