Powerb@se Partners with BMC Software to Deliver the Most Comprehensive E-business Management Services

SiteAngel 2000 Web Site Performance Monitoring Available in Greater China

Hong Kong--Nov. 15, 2000--BMC Software (HK) Ltd. (Nasdaq: BMCS), the leading provider of e-business systems management, and Powerb@se, the data centre service of Pacific Century CyberWorks ("PCCW" SEHK: 0008) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the delivery of SiteAngel 2000TM service. Powerb@se will provide co-location facilities and be the exclusive re-seller of this subscription based service throughout the Greater China Region.

SiteAngel 2000 is an online Web Site performance monitoring service that allows for real-time monitoring from the customer experience to the enterprise's back office. Powerb@se is the first partner in the Asia Pacific Region that will incorporate SiteAngel 2000TM into its e-business management services as a value-added option.

"We are pleased to team up with BMC to provide value-added network management solutions and professional services to e-business enterprises," said Joseph Ma, President of Data Center Services & Web Hosting at PCCW, "Our partnership also provides Powerb@se with the momentum towards becoming Asia's leading provider of e-business infrastructure services to meet mission-critical Internet operations of corporations."

"We are confident that e-business customers will be able to benefit from the mutual synergies of our respective expertise in providing Internet hosting platform and e-business management services. Our partnership demonstrates the Powerb@se high standards of service quality and excellence in network architecture to meet BMC's needs for superior performance and reliability for delivery of the SiteAngel 2000 service."

With its industry-leading network infrastructure and extensive regional facilities located in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taiwan, Powerb@se will enable BMC to effectively deliver the SiteAngel 2000 service to e-business customers in the Greater China Region.

"The partnership with Powerb@se signifies a major step of our strategic intent to become the leading e-business management solutions provider in Asia. Indeed, both companies complement each other in terms of customers, technology skill sets, solution and service offerings," said Daniel Chong, Managing Director, Greater China Region, BMC Software (HK) Ltd.

"By combining Powerb@se proven expertise in data center and e-business infrastructure services and our unrivalled SiteAngel 2000 e-business management solutions, we will build an innovative web site performance monitoring model. We have enterprising corporate development plans in the pipeline, and will be making further announcements in the future. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers enhance their online web site performance in the changing environment of the new E-conomy."

Providing One-stop Solutions

Powerb@se will install an Application Measurement Center and a Reporting Center to host the SiteAngel 2000 service. With this partnership, Powerb@se will offer a new service to their customers, providing additional value preparing their business for the future in e-business. This partnership also signifies that BMC Software has been recognized by Powerb@se as the leading vendor of e-business systems management solutions. BMC Software will be the first management systems vendor in Asia Pacific that can deliver true end-to-end e-business management services.

This partnership is the result of an earlier major success with the implementation of a Nerve Center on the site of Powerb@se. Utilizing the Nerve Center, based on BMC Software's Service Assurance Center™ methodology, Powerb@se has streamlined their overall business operations by effectively monitoring how their customers are using the application services, how the services are performing and whether they are available. The SiteAngel 2000 service will be the next important BMC Software solution that gives Powerb@se the ability to extend their value in services in the e-business arena.

BMC Software is the first to combine service level reporting from inside the data center and from outside the firewall on the Internet. This provides the most comprehensive view of e-business service quality on the market today. When customers detect that a targeted service level for an application or a given critical path transaction is not being met, they will use PATROL?to diagnose and correct the root problem at its source. The combination of using PATROL and the SiteAngel 2000 service allows companies to be competitive by understanding and optimizing their e-business transactions.

About SiteAngel 2000

SiteAngel 2000 measures and quantifies the true customer experience at a Web site by running automated interactions with the site from a remote location outside of the firewall. SiteAngel 2000 then produces reports for IT executives that rate various aspects of a company's Web site from its customer's perspective: total customer satisfaction, critical path performance versus goal (percentage of time a Web site's critical paths met their goals for a specified period of time), performance (average length of time it took a SiteAngel 2000 to complete its critical path over time), problem identification and resolution, and back-end systems performance and stability. SiteAngel 2000:

  1. Simulates your customer's true end-to-end experience at the site;
  2. Helps define quality standards and performance goals;
  3. Produces executive reports and graphs that rate customer satisfaction against defined goals;
  4. Tests and measures the performance of static and dynamic pages;
  5. Creates IT statistical reports and graphs for critical Web measurement; and
  6. Tests back-end systems' interactions with the Web site.

About BMC Software

One of the world's largest independent software vendors, BMC Software delivers the most comprehensive e-business systems management software with the fastest guaranteed implementation. This Service AssuranceTM strategy enhances the availability, performance and recoverability of companies' business-critical applications. Companies can use this management methodology to demonstrate their ability to deliver optimal service to their customers and partners by joining BMC Software OnSiteTM, a certification program which includes solution implementation and regular HealthChecks performed by BMC Software Professional Services.

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Texas, USA, BMC Software is carried on both the Standard & Poors and Forbes 500 listings with revenue exceeding US$1.7 billion in fiscal 2000. The company established its first Asia Pacific office more than a decade ago and has since grown to include subsidiaries in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan. The company also uses a network of partnership to augment service to customers across the region and the world. For more information, visit www.bmc.com

About Powerb@se

Powerb@se is a trademark of the Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW) corporate group under which PCCW provides data center services. In addition to the data center services, Powerb@se is also one of the leading e-business infrastructure services providers on an Internet hosting platform designed for enterprise corporations with mission-critical Internet operations requirements. Its carrier class data centers provide exceptional security, connectivity, reliability, and immediate round-the-clock support to ensure the best quality of service delivered. Further, Powerb@se offers comprehensive value-added network management solutions and professional services to meet and exceed corporations' future expansion needs. Its infrastructure is managed through Internet data centers in Hong Kong, the PRC, Singapore and Taiwan.

Powerb@se currently occupies approximately 300,000 sq. ft. of floor space, housing mission-critical communications equipment and customized solutions in six world-class centers located throughout the territory. Bringing together its local capabilities and extensive regional coverage with existing data centers, Powerb@se plans to extend its services to Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Jakarta.

About Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW)

PCCW is the Hong Kong-listed technology flagship of the Pacific Century Group. PCCW is one of the largest Internet companies in the world by market capitalization.

Focused on global growth, PCCW is developing a full spectrum of broadband Internet capabilities, and is aiming to become a premier provider of telecommunications, digital technology and new media services. With the August 2000 PCCW-Cable & Wireless HKT merger, the Company has developed an innovative 8 X 3 business model that runs eight business units within three operating sectors:

  • Telecommunications Services - Includes PCCW-HKT. Principally comprising telecommunications and other value-added services based on the Company's fiber-optic network in Hong Kong.
  • Global Communications Services - Mobility and global connectivity services.
  • Net Enterprises - NOW, B2B business services, data center services and CyberWorks Ventures, which takes strategic positions in core businesses.

Infrastructure Services directly supports all three sectors. To learn more about Pacific Century CyberWorks, go to www.pcg-group.com.

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