PCCW eSolutions Business Launches ConXerto Commerce Product Suite

Customers endorse new time and cost-saving system

Hong Kong January 30, 2002 - PCCW eSolutions Business unveiled today its ConXerto Commerce Product Suite, employing collaborative commerce concepts that help businesses gain competitive advantages.

Collaborative commerce enables both internal and external cooperation and coordination work among employees, business partners and customers throughout a supply chain. From product design and partner relationship management to the procurement of raw materials and final product sales, applying collaborative commerce tools enables faster product development, better information sharing and lower inventory levels.

Manufacturers, for example, can use collaborative commerce software to reduce process errors, improve production efficiency and achieve cost effectiveness. Project managers, designers, engineers, parts suppliers, distributors and overseas customers can all perform their roles simultaneously on the collaborative platform during new product development processes, thus facilitating their responses to end customers' changing needs.

The ConXerto Commerce Product Suite's development is based on R&D projects conducted by eSolutions, including its professionals at PCCW's Shenzhen Software Development Center. eSolutions is also conducting related R&D together with the City University of Hong Kong under the government-backed Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF).

eSolutions' new product suite consists of four integrated software and platforms for greater China manufacturers, trading companies and firms requiring seamless synchronization in their supply-chain activities. It includes:

  • ConXerto Harmony - a collaborative design system allowing simultaneous sharing and design modification in separate virtual work spaces;
  • ConXerto Entity - a common collaborative platform that can be linked with Web-based applications for information sharing, workflow automation or transaction processing;
  • ConXerto Frontier - an intermediary collaborative platform between enterprises and their external partners, allowing smooth and timely flow of information; and
  • ConXerto Achieve - an e-learning system with individualization features.

"Enabling customers, designers, engineers and executives in different locations to work simultaneously online is one way PCCW provides enterprises with enhanced efficiency," said Aloysius Lee, managing director of PCCW Commercial Group. "In transforming into an information technology and telecommunications service provider, PCCW is committed to delivering the best total solutions for connectivity, e-commerce development and IT support."

Wing Sang Bakelite Electrical Mfy. Ltd. (WSBEM) chose ConXerto Harmony to raise productivity and efficiency. The Hong Kong-based manufacturer is now simplifying its business processes and shortening the development cycle for its kitchenware and personal care products.

WSBEM Chief Executive Officer Edwin Lun said: "We consider ConXerto Harmony to be an ideal solution for our collaborative requirements. The increasing effort to manage huge amounts of documents with multiple versions is our primary concern during product design. It is imperative that WSBEM treats document management seriously."

With its product design and development team members located in multiple locations in China and Hong Kong, G.E.W. Corporation Limited, a leading small appliances OEM manufacturer, has also selected the ConXerto Harmony system to design toasters, ovens and irons.

"We believe that collaboration is a critical element of successful product development," said Daniel Yip, managing director of G.E.W. "We chose ConXerto Harmony because it is able to address our major concerns on project management, version control and workflow integration. ConXerto Harmony enables us to collaborate both internally and externally."

Salomon Smith Barney said in a report last summer that global collaborative commerce markets are expected to grow to US$36.4 billion in 2004 from US$5.8 billion in 1999, or a compound annual growth rate of 44 percent.

The ConXerto Commerce solutions are portable across multiple platforms, such as that of Acer, Compaq, Hewlett Packard and Sun Microsystems.

Thomas Siu, president of PCCW eSolutions Business, said: "The ConXerto line of products demonstrates our commitment in creating products and services that are of practical use and benefits to customers. We will continue to devote substantial R&D resources to make more of such products and services available to our customers."

About PCCW

Pacific Century CyberWorks Limited (SEHK: 0008, ADR-NYSE: PCW), the Hong Kong-listed flagship of the Pacific Century Group, is one of Asia's leading integrated communications companies. From its market-leading position in Hong Kong, PCCW is focused on building shareholder value by leveraging synergies between its core businesses and partners, and by delivering customer-led total solutions throughout Asia. PCCW provides key services in the areas of: integrated telecommunications; broadband solutions; mobility and connectivity; narrowband and interactive broadband (Internet Services); business e-solutions; data centers and related infrastructure.

About PCCW eSolutions Business

PCCW's eSolutions Business unit provides seamless end-to-end solutions that support enterprise customers across Asia. Its service scope includes business consulting, systems development and integration, e-products and applications development, outsourcing and managed systems and operations, business solution marketing, online security and payment platforms, and logistics and fulfillment services.

Leveraging on PCCW's network infrastructure and regional connectivity coverage, eSolutions provides next-generation network services by focusing on vertical industrial applications and value-added services that benefit from the networked economy.

eSolutions also provides Internet data center services, anchored by the Powerb@se brand, and offers technical and engineering support services to government departments, public utilities, aviation and broadcast engineering operations. eSolutions targets selected high-growth industrial sectors in greater China, including finance, the public sector, multimedia communications and manufacturing.

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